The 5th Season of Farming: Maintenance

5th Season of Farming

Farming is your business and CCO is your partner in keeping the equipment running better, longer.  We deliver high-quality oils, lubricants and greases from Chevron as well as fuels and Diesel Exhaust Fluid.  Your business not only stays running, but becomes more efficient as well.

We have grown CCO’s 60+ years of business with deep roots in farming. Knowing the difference in using premier fuels and lubricants not only saves you money but grows your operation and lengthens your time between regular maintenance intervals.

Numbers of Farming

Earning the highest rating of Chevron distributorships is no small task.  It takes a dedicated team of experts that not just know the brand, but thoroughly know the end uses of each and what works the best in every application.  This knowledge has built a strong foundation for some of the best ag customers out there.

Engine Oils

URSA oilsDelo® products are designed for on- and off-road applications, ranging from truck and bus transportation to construction, mining, agriculture and power generation. Across industries, Delo’s premium lubricants deliver world-class protection, performance and maximum operational reliability in a wide range of operating conditions.

When your heavy-duty agricultural tractors and equipment are working reliably, your farm can achieve high productivity. At CCO, our goal is to optimize your diesel engine performance to help minimize operating costs and maximize engine reliability.

Hydraulic Fluid

1000 THFTo keep your agricultural equipment operating at high efficiency rely on premium products to help ensure excellent protection. Chevron 1000 THF provides long-term performance versus low tier tractor hydraulic fluids.


GreasesTo help your agricultural equipment go further, it’s important that every part operate smoothly. Delo’s premium grease products are formulated to provide high performance and long-life protection, no matter what your farming equipment encounters on the job.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Blue Sky DEFWhether in tractors large or small, Blue Sky DEF is a trusted and environmentally responsible emission-control solution for diesel-powered engine operators everywhere. Recommended storage between 12 and 90 F will give DEF a shelf life of approximately two years. DEF can freeze and thaw without hurting the integrity of the product. DEF needs to be stored inside out of sunlight and heated during the winter to be able to fill your vehicles.


semi tankerWe proudly stand behind the quality of our fuel; its reliability; and, its ability to consistently keep your vehicles and machines running smoothly.


Extended Life CoolantProducing an enormous amount of heat, heavy-working diesel engines in agricultural vehicles and equipment require good cooling-system protection and maintenance.

Delo ELC Antifreeze/Coolant Delivers High Performance and Value.

Container SizingThe Right Size for Your Operation

It simply doesn’t make sense for you to have too much of one product or not enough of another.  We have the ability to fill your own containers or we can work together to get your needs figured out, down to the gallon.

CCO Delivers!

CCO Delivers to you!

The best part?  We deliver it to you.  The right products, in the right quantities on a schedule that makes sense for your individual operation.


Call Terry today at 800-211-8008 or send an email to and utilize the power of premier fuels and lubricants at Capital City Oil!