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CCO Offering Renegade 93 Octane

June 27, 2017


CCO is now offering Renegade Hot Rod 93 and is an alcohol free unleaded fuel available at the pump. This fuel is designed to give your motorcycle, boat, jet ski, or classic muscle car the performance it was designed to deliver.  Since Renegade Hot Rod 93 is ethanol free, there is no risk to fuel system components and it is not susceptible to phase separation, moisture, poor stability or the formation of carbon deposits.  Hard starts and vapor lock experienced with ethanol blended fuels are virtually eliminated. 

Renegade Hot Rod 93 is available to pump straight into

your motorcycle, boat, jet ski, or car!

Only Available @ 916 SE Adams – Price @ the Pump: $4.95 Gallon

For more information please call Dennis @ Capital City Oil 785-233-8008