Company - Why We're Different


Since the day we opened our doors in 1960, being people of our word, being honest, and having strong moral principles have been important values of our business and our team. Having a reputation of integrity for over 55 years has kept our relationships strong, and helped us become an important member of our local community.


Each of our delivery drivers have a designated route; which means you’re almost always going to see the same smiling face every time we pull into your driveway or up to your facility. This helps strengthen our relationships by allowing us to better understand your individual delivery preferences, and fuel and oil needs – mitigating mistakes and missed deliveries, and ensuring your operation keeps running smoothly.


Our experienced and knowledgeable sales team frequently visit to make sure we’re providing you with the best products, service, and support that consistently meet your needs. And we stand behind our products because we’ve used them and provided them for years.


We are operating on the same corner that we opened our doors on back in 1960. Most of our team grew up, went to school, and have raised families in Northeast Kansas or Northwest Missouri. We are actively involved in the local community and with local charities. Northeast Kansas and Northwest Missouri isn’t only where we do business, it’s our home.