Emergency Generator Fuel Delivery

CCO Tanker Truck Delivery

We’ve got your back.

In mission critical situations, the facilities manager needs to depend on an emergency generator to keep things running. Ensure that your emergency generators are maintained and ready when you need them.

With our Emergency Generator Fueling Program, when the power is out, we guarantee fuel deliveries to keep your generator operating until the power is restored, regardless of how long the outage lasts. A CCO representative will work with you to create a service level procedures in the event of a power outage.

Clean + Reliable Fuel

We’ve chosen to partner with reNUEL fuel to better serve your diesel fuel maintenance and cleaning needs. reNUEL is a complete diesel fuel maintenance and management company, purpose-built to service anyone with bulk diesel fuel storage. Their in-house technicians specialize in diesel fuel analysis, cleaning, treatment, and filtration, keeping it, “As clean as the day it was born.”