Renegade Racing Fuel, Lubricants, and Additives

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Helping you VROOOOOM all the way to the finish line.

When it comes to providing quality products for our racing customers, we trust in the fuels, lubricants, and additives produced by Renegade Racing. With over 40 years of experience and quality production, we wouldn’t trust our customer’s racing vehicles with any other company’s products.

Renegade Racing Fuels:

Renegade Pro 110+

Renegade Barrell for Racing

This is the formulation that started it all! The most versatile leaded race fuel in our product line for drag racers,weekend warriors, stock car racers and powersports riders. It burns cooler and cleaner and has more octane than other 110 products on the market. Designed to provide protection for compression configurations up to 14.5:1 at 8,500 rpm.

Octane – R+M/2 111
Motor Octane 108
Research Octane 113
Specific Gravity 0.710
Leaded Color Purple

Renegade Pro Crate 98

Renegade Barrell for Racing

A non-oxygenated, ethanol free fuel designed for crate motors which provides more power and a smoother torque curve and also helps engines live longer with our proprietary “lubricity pack”. This formulation provides protection for compression configurations up to 11:1 at 8,500 rpm.

Octane – R+M/2 98
Motor Octane 94
Research Octane 103
Specific Gravity .728
RVP 8.2
Leaded Color Green

Renegade Pro 116+

Renegade Barrell for Racing

This fuel will make your tuning job easier and you will be able to predict your performance more accurately. Provides protection for nitrous and non-nitrous configurations up to 16:1 at 9,500 rpm.

Octane – R+M/2 117
Motor Octane 114
Research Octane 120
Specific Gravity .705
RVP 4.25
Leaded Color Red

Pro 120 Nitrous

Renegade Barrell for Racing

The older brother of our 120+ fuel, this fuel has our proprietary additive package to help lubricate the valve train and cylinders for nitrous applications, while also helping to prevent nitrous implosions. This formulation provides added protection for super exotic configurations that spray nitrous.

Octane – R+M/2 120+
Motor Octane 120
Research Octane 120+
Specific Gravity .706
RVP 4.35
Leaded Color Orange


Renegade Barrell for Racing

Renegade SX4 is our best four-stroke race fuel for mortal budgets. SX4 is specifically designed for today’s sophisticated, high-revving single and multi-cylinder four-stroke engines. Formulated with today’s most advanced, fast burning blend components and high quality oxygenates, SX4’s real-world performance reviews speak for themselves.

Octane – R+M/2 97
Oxygen 3.7%
Specific Gravity 0.740
Color Clear Unleaded


Renegade Barrell for Racing

Renegade SX2 improved formula is an oxygen-rich leaded formulation made specifically for two stroke motocross applications. SX2 is not simply a base fuel with oxygen added like other fuels on the market.

Octane – R+M/2 104
Oxygen 5.6%
Specific Gravity 0.717
Color Purple Leaded


Bottles of Renegade Lubricants

Renegade Racing Lubricants:

Renegade Racing Lubricants are specifically designed to lubricate competition engines which run alcohol or higher octane fuels. “THE OIL OF CHAMPIONS!” Renegade Racing Lubricants Pro Series® is formulated with 3000 ppm of ZDDP (Zinc) additive, tough detergent-dispersant package, naturally high viscosity index base oils, excellent oxidation, advanced anti-foam system, high performance protection that provides winning results.

Not suitable for engines with catalytic converters.

Racing oil is only available in full cases.

Renegade Racing Lubricants provide:

  • Excellent oxidation and shear stability characteristics
  • Outstanding anti-foam system
  • “BALANCED ZDDP” additive for strong anti-wear protection
  • Exceptional high temperature protection from thermal breakdown
  • Exceeds the performance requirements of API Service SJ

Oil types: Renegade Mineral 20W50 and Semi-Synthetic 20W50, Renegade Semi-Synthetic 10W30, Renegade SAE 30WT Break-In Oil.

More lubricants information:

  • High viscosity conventional mineral base oils have inherently good lubricity.
  • Synthetic oils (especially PAO) are hard on engine seals which can cause oil leaks. Using a conventional formula at the start of an engines life can help new engine seals to set or seal properly before a synthetic oil is used. Does not contain Molybdenum Disulfide (Moly).
  • This can help protect engines against wear during initial start ups.
  • API SJ additives have more anti-wear and detergents molecules than more modern API SM additives. This SJ technology with the additional boosts of ZDDP (Zinc) provides excellent wear protection under extreme racing conditions, and promotes cleanliness when using fuels that can cause additional contamination.
  • Being a surface active molecule, our 3000 ppm of ZDDP (Zinc) acts as a friction modifier reducing friction when compared to standard motor oils.
  • Recommend using during your complete dyno test or simulate 100 laps/10 passes.

Renegade Top Lube:

This high performance racing “methanol/nitro” LUBE is uniquely formulated using an Ashless Formula to greatly decrease deposits. Renegade “Pro-Series” Upper/Top Lube is a “step out” product that works like no other Upper/Top Lube on the market. The result is a synergistic formulation ideally suited to meet the stringent lubricating demands of high performance methanol and nitro applications.

1 pint per 55 gallons

Fuel_ScentsRenegade Fuel Scents:

Bow Wow Baby! – “No more stinky fuel odors”. Specially formulated for High Performance Fuel Applications. Synthetic Ashless Formula to prevent gum build up.

4oz per 20 gallons fuel